Tizian Assmann did not only made a name for himself by hosting high class electronic music events since the age of 17 but also as co-founder of the western german record label Raw Imprint and as part of the Environ. moniker that he forms together with Felix Fleer.

When the first 90’s rooted, yet futuristic Environ. productions, with their heavy dose of Hip Hop and Funk influences have been released on Raw Imprint, it was only a matter of time for people like Answer Code Request, Anthony Parasole and Dave Clarke to notice. 

Under his Rythen alias Assmann dives deeper into his passion for hypnotic & atmospheric Techno,  which not only his forthcoming solo output on Raw Imprint but also his DJ-Sets show. With an extraordinarily consequent sense for gloomy aesthetics and his flawless mixing techniques he creates a unique mixture of contemporary Techno.

Download Rythen Presskit