Franziskus Dornhege

Franziskus Dornhege


Franziskus Dornhege´s work is about confronting and disputing foreign fears, silence and avariciousness .

He feels compelled to capture that mood in an uncommon sight.

Entirely rough and sheathed by a wistful shining, impressionistic shooted with analog eyes, his aesthetic is intensely personal and comes from a desire to document the path of a partially voyeuristic observer who discovers the surrounding as a landscape of sensuous extremes.

His photography doesn’t only need to be shots of other people – It can be a rooted selfreflection of himself and how he sees the society as a result of isolated voices.

Dornhege is delighted to attempt a variety of different sources, such as light from a bright flash to a soft flicker or using different film granulations.

His work is a delirious, peripatetic walk from lightly nature through melancholic forms and structures to unyielding craving.

On that walk he captured not only the lost brutalist Hong Kong districts, but also the desert of Israel as a refuge with his work „King without Kingdom“.

In this work he shares to experience nature as antagonistic and sorting oneself back into position.

One of his most intense effort was „Ladys of Kolkata“ – where Dornhege reflected the Indian´s mysterious third gender.


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