By delivering an analoge, crowd towering set, Environ. is indeed the perfect catch when it comes to live performances. As Rythen and Felix Fleer began they interested of calling electronic music into existence together, the temper of a jam-based collaboration is since then the focus of this venture.

Whereas both share the passion and resort to not only classic rooted techno but even for Funk and Hip-Hop music, those genres are outlining the boundary behind the duo. Rythen and Felix Fleer can reveal being aware of old records, their sound is restoring the conception of old school templates.

Environ. ́s intention is to combine the intersections of diverse scopes such as: Techno, House and Breakbeat. The meaning of Environ is spelled close in upon by creating captivating and fresh soundings to put the audience into an unknown journey.    Their sound is a pursuit for the evoking motion, seeking a not ever closing energy. The moment the live achievement catches and puts you within the groove, you are incapable to breakout of it. In a little period Environ. is letting you feel a touch of wistful techno and then going straight back to thrilled chord leaning House.

Download Environ. Presskit