Harangue EP

Raw Imprint 002 – VA

Harangue EP

Raw Imprint, 2016

Release:    09.Sep,2016




A1 Felix Fleer – Parlance
A2 Rythen – Swirlings Mists
A3 Jonas Landwehr – Fragment of Metasis
B1 AWB – Decoy
B2 Groove Selecta – You broke my heart



While Felix Fleer starts the A-Side with a 90’s leaning, industrialesque floorkiller, Rythen continues equally gloomy but goes a little deeper with ‚Swirling Mists‘. Jonas Landwehr closes the A-Side with his percussive driven, melancholic track ‚Fragment of Metasis‘. For the B-Side Raw Imprint welcomes parisian Taapion Labelhead AWB  and New York based Groove Selecta with housevibes that are not less sad then they are beautiful.



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