RI Exordium Trilogy Remixed out Now!


RI004 Exordium Trilogy Remixed [2×12″] is out now!

A1: RYTHEN – Swirling Mists (Pär Grindvik Remix)
A2: Environ. – A1 (Zadig Remix)
B1: Landwehr & Fleer – Falling ( Norman Nodge Remix)
B2: AWB – Decoy (Acronym Remix)
C1: Jonas Landwehr – Elysian Fields (Sinfol Remix)
C2: Felix Fleer – Persistence of Memory (Shifted Remix)
D1: Alderaan – Clarity (Tadeo Remix)
D2: Landwehr & Fleer – Inner Sanktum (Artefakt Remix)

Feature from GROOVE-Magazinhttps://bit.ly/2Jwjvfm

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Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/2IN5mhu
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HHV: https://bit.ly/2J8WuCL

What started as ‚Raw Imprint‘ in 2016 with three DJ friendly various artist releases is now celebrating it’s relaunch as ‚R-Imprint‘ with an extensive revision of the previously released trilogy. ‚Exordium Trilogy Remixed‘ invites a wide variety of artists to contribute forming the slowly unraveling vision of the R-Imprint founders Rythen, Jonas Landwehr & Felix Fleer.

Stockholm Techno-mainstay Pär Grindvik starts of the record with an emotional reimagination of Rythen’s gloomy take on deep Tool Techno, parisian Zadig reconstructs Environ.’s warehouse stomper ‚A1′ into a psychotic, Axis-reminiscent, yet futuristic Techno exploration.

Berghain resident Norman Nodge opens up the B-Side with a skillfully, minimalist take on Landwehr & Fleer’s ‚Falling‘, followed by a driving, percussive, ambient Techno trip from swedish mastermind Acronym as an answer to AWB’s ‚Decoy‘.

Sinfol’s highly emotional, futuristic take on Jonas Landwehr’s ‚Elysian Fields‘ and Shifted’s deep driving, micropercussive interpretation of Felix Fleer’s ‚Persistence of Memory‘ constitute the C-side, while their collaborative track ‚Inner Sanktum‘ is receiving a melancholic, offbeat revision by dutch duo Artefakt to close the record of after Tadeo’s driving Tool-Techno spin on Alderaan’s ‚Clarity‘.